Saturday, April 5, 2008


This week we started to shovel the snow bank that has collected as the snow slid off our roof this winter. The snow banks sits right on top of the the flower bed where the spring crocuses, daffiodills and tulips will sprout. We're trying to help them out by breaking up the bank so it will melt faster.

Today I sat down with the seed catalog and a notebook to plan my garden for the summer. Some crops can be planted 4 weeks before our frost date (May 28th) but I'm not sure if the ground will be dry enough by the beginning of May. I also planned out for crops that will keep producing after the fall frost date. Our season is so short that I have to plant them in mid July for them to be mature by then.

I'm hoping we can make the garden work and prevent the groundhog from eating the green shoots.

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