Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Some progress in the garden. Not many of my peas sprouted, so I re-seeded. None of the 2nd seeding sprouted, so I'm trying to sprout them inside in a wet paper towel, and then plant them when I see the sprouts forming.Lettuce, Spinach and Mesclun are coming along. The walls of water are basically warming the soil for tomatoes and peppers that won't go in until June
Some of the squash under the glass is beginning to sprout. Radishes are coming long and the Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts have transplanted well.

All my onions have sprouted and I've also planted leeks and shallots.

Also today I got a very large box in the mail. I received an early birthday present of a composter :) I'm excited. It's an Envirocycle Rotating Composter. Ever since I asked for it I've been bemoaning all the kitchen scraps that have gone in the trash. Now it's finally here and we can start making compost.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Garden In May

A view of the garden in early May. In the foreground a tepee structure that Matt built for me so that the mystery squash that are growing can go up. My mom and I found the mystery squash in late April. They had seed leaves just like a squash or cucumber so we decided to transplant them and see what they become. All the holes dug around it are filled with onion seedlings.
In the next bed the red walls of water protect Brussels Sprouts and broccoli seedling. Garlic is growing behind that as well as carrots, radishes, shallots and some other squash that I hope will sprout.

In the third bed you can see we have lettuce, beets, mesclun (under jars), spinach, dill(under jars), and peas. The peas had a horrible germination rate. I'm not sure what I did wrong. I'll fill the other half of the bed with tomatoes and beans when the frost date is past.