Saturday, January 24, 2009

Boatneck Sweater Progress Update

This sweater is taking much longer than I intended because other projects took precedence over the holidays. However, this past week I finally finished the front and back of the body. Earlier this month I'd taken this sweater along to a Saturday morning meeting and knit the whole front of the sweater from the armholes up, only to figure out when I got home that it was supposed to be ribbed. So I had to take out a lot of work and start on the section from the armholes again.

Now I'm working on the first arm. I'm knitting them in the round until I get to the armhole shaping. I'm enjoying using a new pair of knitting needles that I got from Grafton Fibers this week. They are the lovely Darn Pretty bubblegum stripe, with colors of blue and pink and are so smooth to knit with. I heartily recommend their needles.

It's time to devote more time to this sweater so I can finish it before winter's over. After knitting the quick top-down Shalom sweater on a larger gauge this past weekend, I think my next sweater will be with larger needles and yarn so that the project moves more quickly.


Charlotte said...

where do you find the wooden needles? I'm looking for them locally but can't find them here in NC.

Emily said...

Charlotte, I know JoAnn Fabrics usually has bamboo needles and that a more independent yarn store often has wider selections.
Good luck in your search

Charlotte said...

Thanks Emily! I'll have to venture I think to Raleigh to the AC Moore. Road Trip. :)