Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jaywalker Socks

Ever since I joined Ravelry back in April, I'd had the Jaywalker sock pattern down as one that I wanted to try. I just needed self-stripping sock yarn for the pattern. After making 9 pairs of mini-mittens, I had most of a skein of green, white & grey self-stripping sock wool left. As I knit the foot, it seemed baggy to me after making so many of the Francie socks, but it turned out just fine. The sock pairs turned out similar in their pattern because the yarn happened to be close in the pattern repeats when I started the second sock.
The past a pair of socks has taken me about a month. I started these on Christmas day, and finished them less than a week later, on New Year's Eve. I knit them so fast because we had lots of time sitting and visiting with family, and traveling in the car. In fact, I've finished up all the knitting projects I brought along and we haven't made it back home yet. Next Christmas I'll bring more knitting.

Here is a detail of the zig-zag pattern.


Meredith said...

Emily, perusing your blog again is inspiring me to knit again. Unfortunately, I think that the inspiration will meet reality so I'm not sure how productive I'll actually be. At least I can enjoy pictures of your creations :)

Dan said...

Those are awesome socks! They would match my coat :-)

browneyes said...

Wow, that's amazing that you under-packed your knitting projects!

Marcia said...

My floor looks wonderful with your socks. Hope your trip home was uneventful.