Monday, April 12, 2010

Harvest Monday 4/12/10

Today I harvested sorrel and chives from the old garden. The sorrel was planted last year and was under the cold frame. Its a perennial that I may move to the new garden. Both went into a risotto with peas, though I didn't get a photo because the camera is at the new house.

We're busy with moving and painting. I did manage to plant some kale and swiss chard seedlings in the new garden yesterday. They are under row cover with tatsoi, arugula, oak leaf lettuce, and spinach. Hopefully these early seedlings will get a jump start on the growing season in the new garden.

While my mom was visiting she spotted some rhubarb sprouting. I dug it up, divided it, and planted it where I wanted it in the back of the vegetable garden. One less thing to buy for the new garden! Maybe we'll be harvesting some of that soon too.

You can see other gardeners harvests at Daphne's Dandelions.


Ottawa Gardener said...

Don't you love perennials? Yes, our lives are filled with painting to leaving less time than I'd like to garden.

Jane said...

How fun that you're moving to a new home with a new garden! I didn't realize sorrel was a perennial - I've only been adding sorrel seeds to my mesclun mixes. I'll have to plant some by itself in my garden.

Daphne said...

Rhubarb! That is what I need at the new house. I need perennials that produce in the springtime. Hmm what does sorrel taste like? I'm not a bitter greens fan and for some reason I have the impression that it is bitter. I don't know why since I've never tasted it before.

Emily said...

Sorrel isn't bitter, but more tart and lemony. We didn't care for it in a soup with potatoes, but as an accent with peas it was good. Next I plan to try it in a quiche.