Sunday, March 28, 2010

Seed Starting 3/28/10

We were very busy with closing on our new house this weekend, but this evening we were back at the old one and I was able to squeeze in the main seeding of my tomatoes. I put two tomato seeds in most cells and if they all germinate, then I'll have twice as many when I divide them into their own cups. I'm planning on lots of tomatoes for canning this summer. Let's hope for warm weather.

Here's the list:
6 Purple Calabash (from Miss M)
6 Heirloom Mix from Fedco 2009
6 Market Miracle (from Daphne)
12 Amish Paste (from Mom)
3 Chocolate Cherry (from Daphne)
2 Red Zebra seed saved 2008
1 Green Zebra seed saved 2009
6 Long Purple Eggplant (from Miss M)
12 Pineapple Tomatillos (from Daphne).
12 Black Sesame Seeds.

Thanks to trades and saving, I didn't buy any tomato seeds this year!

I failed with the black sesame seeds last year. I hope I can do better this year. I think fertilization, sun, and heat will be the keys.

I also re-seeded 6 Brussels Sprouts. Only half of my 2008 seeds germinated and I want plenty of Brussels Sprouts this year.

It will probably be quiet around the blog for the next month as we work on re-doing some walls and then painting in the new house, and finally finishing the moving process. We'll be there full time by May and be ready to put many plants in the ground. I was tempted to put some lettuce seeds under a milk jug while we were there this weekend but we were too busy with other things. The garden will have to wait a bit yet.


kiwi gomes said...

Gidday Jeans and Greens! Good luck with the house - it's always a job in itself! And you are right, you have time up your sleeves for the garden later ...

Dan said...

I sowed broccoli from 2009 seed and only a third germinated. I guess brassicas are kind of fussy :-)

miss m said...

I'm growing sesame this year too. (Don't know if it's black, will check). Have no idea what to expect as a harvest. If it's worth it or not. How many plants to grow, etc. Will be interesting to find out. (Will check out your post too).

That's good to know about your brussel sprouts. According to my seed viability chart, seeds should keep up to 4 years (but doesn't say how much viability is lost each year). In any case, I like comparing the info so I can adjust the chart.

Have fun with the renos ! Can't wait to see your garden in May. :)

GardenerX said...

it is good to read people save and swap seed. beats buying it, any day. nice post and good luck with the Toms.

Kalena Michele said...

Hi there! I started some tomatillos last month down here and then I stopped and said...wait a minute...I don't even eat tomatillos. lol Happy Seed Starting!