Monday, October 25, 2010

Harvest Monday 10/25/10

This week I got over 2 more pounds of tomatoes ripening from the green tomato box.
I picked 8 oz of kale, including some red kale that leafed out. It overwintered from the previous owners garden, went to seed,I saved seeds, and now it is producing again.
I picked 11.5 oz of leeks, 6 oz of chard, and 1 pound of brussels sprouts (not pictured).
Now that the garden is winding down, I'll sometimes share what we're eating from what we saved from the garden. This weekend we roasted our first jarrahdale pumpkin. It was a 15 pound one. My husband cut it in half.
Then we quartered it and scooped out the seeds. I roasted it in the oven for over an hour until the flesh was soft. This photo is before it was baked.
The flesh was good, not stringing, not too strong either. The only downside was the seeds. They looked wonderful, but some how different. When we roasted them we found they were too tough.
We roasted apples and onions after the pumpkin was done and used them all to make soup with a stock made with apple cores and pumpkin scrapings. It was all pureed to a smooth soup. We had plenty for a gathering of 8 adults and 12 kids and still some left over to freeze.

Total this week: 5.08 pounds
Total this year: 441.69 pounds
You can see what other gardeners harvested this week at Daphne's Dandelions.


Marcia said...

How was the soup? That was a lovely pumpkin.

Madame C said...

What a lovely blog you have got! I am so pleased to have found Daphne's blog and Harvest Monday-theme. It makes me find wonderful blogs that I never would have found otherwise:)
Have a great week,
Charlotta in Sweden
Cesar's Garden

kitsapFG said...

I have more pumpkins to harvest and bring in and I need to get busy using up the ones I have already harvested. Pumpkin soup sounds like a great idea for using some of them.

The greens harvest and the ripened up tomatoes look good!

TYRA said...

Impressive Emily, you got food for a week! Well done./ Tyra

villager said...

That was a pretty pumpkin! The soup sounds great. I think roasting the squash/pumpkin first gives the soup a good flavor. I have a recipe that calls for apple also and I need to give it a try.

Too bad the seeds were tough, it looks like there were a lot of them.

Barbie said...

Those seeds are seriously meaty. My son loves them, but the rest of us, not so much. LOL Do wish I had a Jarrahdale left wonderful squash

meemsnyc said...

That squash looks awesome. How does it taste? 2 more pounds of tomatoes. Wow!!

Emily said...

The squash tasted great and made a good soup.

Thomas said...

Awesome looking harvest! I have yet to touch most of my kale. Hopefully they are sweeter now that the winter has cooled down.

Dan said...

That pumpkin is beautiful!

prue said...

such delightful looking tomatoes! Yum. And pumpkin too!

Daphne said...

That pumpkin looks delicious. I miss having pumpkins in the garden.

debiclegg said...

Confession time... I have never cooked or eaten anything made from a fresh pumpkin. I have only used canned. (shocking)

I may need to fix this next fall. Maybe I need to start a "101 things in a 1001 days" list like my daughters.

Elena said...

Hi Emily, just wondering if you could give me more info about how you ripened your tomatoes inside. We haven't had frost here yet in Brooklyn so I've left the little green tomatoes on the plant but they're not ripening. I think they're still getting bigger so I don't want to pick them but I do want to give them a chance to ripen at some point. Any advice?

Emily said...


I have them in a cool closet in a box in a single layer. When I start to see some color, I bring them down to the kitchen. I'd wait to pick the green ones until frost threatens. Some will not be developed enough to ripen and will shrivel, but others will ripen. I picked mine a month ago and some are still slowly ripening.