Monday, October 4, 2010

Harvest Monday 10/4/10

This week was a clean up week in the garden. Earlier in the week I cleared the squash vines and harvested the remaining butternut squash, another 5 pounds. I also picked the remaining pie pumpkins. I pulled down the tomatillos to make room for an experimental hoop house (more on that in another post). I picked my one and only red cabbage. All the others didn't form heads so I pulled them. They'd been in the ground since early May.
This weekend brought the threat of frost so the last of the pumpkins came in. With the pie pumpkins from earlier in the week they totaled 52 pounds. The largest of the Jarradale's was 15 pounds.
The heavy rain had taken a toll on the tomato supports and the tomatoes, and with the threat of frost, I picked the remaining viable fruit. The ones with any color went into my harvest total. (9 pounds) The green ones will get added as they ripen.
Other harvests this week include one eggplant, pepper, and bok choy for a stir-fry.
Also arugula, beets, and chard.
Total this week: 70.25 pounds
Total this year: 422.44 pounds
You can see what other gardeners harvested this week at Daphne's Dandelions.


kitsapFG said...

The Jarrandale's are really attractive - what's the flavor like and what is the "days to maturity" for this variety?

Beautiful harvest this week, but I loved the picture of your feet in the last photo best! :D

Emily said...

We haven't cut into one yet. The first one was about 110 days, these were more like 125 days to maturity.

I saw on others blogs last year that they had a deep orange flesh. I'll try to post a photo when we cut into one.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing harvest! Love the squash/pumkins and your photos of it all are beautiful.

Robin said...

What a beautiful fall harvest....nice feet! I am a barefoot gardener too. All of my squash were invaded by SVB's this year.

Emily said...

I don't really garden in bare feet, usually in slip on garden shoes, but they were so caked with mud that when I went in the house to get the camera, I slipped them off and just came back out bare foot :)

Mary said...

Very nice crop, and I'm hoping to hear how those pumpkins work out for you in the kitchen. They are beautiful, but I wonder if they are stringy.


Barbie said...

My Jarrahdales are long gone now I'm wishing I'd started them later. LOL. Your harvest is beautiful!

thyme2garden said...

Those pumpkins and squashes look so beautiful and perfectly shaped. It's so impressive that one can grow something like that in a home garden. About how much garden space do you allocate to these large squashes and pumpkins? I'm trying to figure out if there is any way that I can squeeze them into my garden next year. We're in the midst of expanding our garden, but I don't know if we'd have enough room for them even with the expansion.

Shawn Ann said...

Those pumpkins look really nice!

Thomas said...

Awesome harvest! I really love the look of those Jarradale pumpkins. I'm sure they'll be really tasty.

Daphne said...

I love all the winter squash. I hope next year I get more of my own instead of the groundhog eating most of it.