Monday, December 8, 2008


Here are more photos of the mini-mitten ornaments. Here is the first set on the Christmas tree. I ran out of this red yarn and had to buy more. I found a self-patterning sock yarn that has made quite interesting results, and these are two of the best. I still have quite a few more pairs to go, and I'll be excited to see how the others turn out with this yarn.


Elena said...

I saw an advent calendar like your ornaments, with the numbers embroidered on. Very cute mittens!

Amanda said...

These are adorable, and I knit one. That's right - ONE. I don't have the patience for a pair! It may just be the cutest thing I ever knit, but it will have to hang on the tree by itself...Yours are adorable and obviously you have more patience than I do! I'll post mine on ravelry if you want to see the lonely little thing. (xcskimom)