Monday, June 29, 2009

Garden Flowers

Today my first tomato blossoms opened. The pink heirloom and the mystery heirloom were first with their large yellow blooms.

The Sweet Chelsea Cherry isn't far behind and will be fully open tomorrow. Hopefully that means that cherry tomatoes are that far off in the future. I hope that the tomatoes will pollinate despite all the wet weather.
Also blooming in the garden is the arugula. I didn't intentionally let it go to seed, but now I don't want to tear out the beautiful flowers. I've continued to harvest the leaves and the taste doesn't seem to change.
The tatsoi will be blooming soon if I don't pull it first. I thought it was just my first planting that was going to seed, but I noticed some flower buds amongst my later planting too. I guess it didn't like the few days we had in the 80s last week.
Today I harvest an assortment of oak leaf lettuce, tatsoi, and arugula for a lunch salad. I topped it with four or five peas, a carrot thinning, and strawberries. The cheese is a home-made ricotta which was a by product of making mozzarella last week. It was a tasty salad.

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Anonymous said...

What a delicious looking salad. I bet it did taste good, too. Love you! Debi