Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Update 6/3/09

My apologies for the relative lack of activity on the blog lately. We're closing in on the end of school and spare time is lacking. I know I'll have more to say when school's out. Seven days and counting!

In the mean time, here are some not-so-recent harvest pictures. I haven't even had time to harvest this week so I think they date back to Memorial Day weekend. We used all the arugula to make very yummy Arugula Ravioli. We used about 2 oz from the garden and 4 oz from the farmers market. We even made the pasta dough. They were hard work but well worth it.
Here are a few of the radishes. The rest are slated to be pulled this weekend as it will be time to plant the tomatoes in their place.
Currently in the garden I need to get to eating some spinach, the rest of the arugula (which is beginning to go to seed) the radishes, and some of the lacinato kale. Looks like I don't need to stop by the farmers' market this week.

Back to report cards and end of year tasks!

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Cynthia said...

Thanks for the link for arugula ravioli, I am going to try to attempt that this weekend to use up some of mine. Looks delicious. Your radishes look great, mine did not work this year, oh well live and learn for next year. I had them to crowded so they never grew a bulb, but great leaves. Read that you can eat these, so that is what I might have to do.