Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pineapple Weed

Earlier this month we stopped in at a greenhouse to look for some annuals. I couldn't resist looking through the herb section, but I was restrained and didn't make any purchases. When we came home, I noticed a marked similarity between the Chamomile and something growing in amongst the grass in our front yard. I got down my herb book to read and compare. I convinced myself that we had Roman Chamomile (perennial) growing in the front lawn. It was about to bloom and so I hoped I could harvest some before the blossoms were mowed off. I dug up a few plants and put them in a pot on the porch, just to be sure.
I waited a few days and harvested some blossoms and put them on the windowsill to dry. However, I was a little uneasy about using them for tea since I wasn't absolutely certain that I had Roman Chamomile. I looked again at my herb book and pictures on the web and found that I must have something different because there were no white petals coming out from the yellow centers. Through persistent internet searching, I found that what I did have was Pineapple Weed (Matricaria matricarioides) and that it was also used as an herbal tea.

I've since brewed some as tea and it lives up to its name as a pineapple tasting drink. I was able to harvest a little more from the lawn before the mower chopped the rest of it off. It is a welcome weed in our yard, but it probably will loose it's spot in a pot on the porch.

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