Friday, July 3, 2009

Asian Spice Experiments

Back in late April I planted black sesame seeds. I started them indoors and then transplanted them into the cold frame in early May. For the longest time they were going now where, just stuck with four leaves or so. When we moved the walls of water off the tomatoes a few week ago, we put them around the sesame seeds. Finally they seem to be growing in height. I'm concerned I won't get a harvest from them because they take 120 days to mature. I may have to cover them to protect from the frost come fall. I think that they are growing so slowly because of all the cool and wet weather we've had. Sorry for the red tinge to the photo, it's the red light inside the wall of water.
In early April I planted some ginger root. However, the first root rotted instead of sprouting. I tried again and recently my plant spouted. Now I have two shoots growing in my pot.

Here's a photo of what mine might look like some day. This was taken at a visit to the Lyman Conservatory at Smith College last month. I'll share more photos from that visit in a future post.


Dan said...

I will await the sesame harvest, what an interesting crop to try. I will hope for hot weather for the both of us!

Cheryl said...

I was able to get some ginger growing too. The plants are really pretty with a Zen feel to them. The kind of remind me of lucky bamboo. Good luck with yours.