Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Harvest

Inspired by Daphne's Dandelions, here is a Harvest Monday post. Last week was a slow week and we didn't harvest anything except a few leaves of lettuce here and there. Today I harvested a lot in order to empty some squares for Fall crops.

1.5 oz of lettuce and beet greens for a salad for lunch.
11 heads of garlic.
Here they are cleaned up. 6 heads were medium and 5 heads were small. Now they are hanging in the shed to dry.

12.25 oz of golden beets. The mystery here is that the first set I planted still look like seedlings. I left them in the ground and harvested these. There were three of a nice size and the rest were small.
13.25 oz of Purple Haze Carrots. Most of these were larger than I thought they'd be compared to the size of their foliage. Most were long and nice sized, a few were strangely squat.
I'm looking forward to harvesting tomatoes and zucchini but so far there are only green tomatoes and male squash blossoms.


Toni said...

Hi Emily! I found you from Daphne's blog.

Your harvest looks wonderful! Those purple carrots are so interesting looking! Do they taste any different from the orange ones?

We're still picking lots of leaf and head lettuce here too (northern Wyoming).

I'm originally a New England girl too! Moved to Wyoming almost 6 years ago... can't believe it's been that long!

But I didn't really garden until I moved here to the country.

Daphne said...

I love the look of those carrots. So pretty. I grew red ones this year, but was pretty disappointed in the harvest. They just didn't grow as well as the orange ones.

The garlic is really nice too. I pulled mine so early because it was starting to rot in the ground. I have really heavy clay soil. It is good for feeding the plants but bad when we get years like this. Today my garlic was dried so I clipped off all the roots and the tops. Now they are all ready to store.

Dan said...

The garlic is pristine! Makes me think that I forgot to add a photo of my garlic on Monday's harvest post. Everything looks great.

June said...

Wow, that is QUITE the harvest! And in New England too! THIS year of all years. Thanks for sharing...

Miss M (InfG) said...

MUST grow Purple Haze carrots next year. They're stunning. Beautiful harvest !