Sunday, January 31, 2010


Things have been quiet here on the blog because we're in the midst of earnest house-hunting. That means weekends and weeknights are absorbed with other endeavors. While I've finished some knitting projects this year (a vest, scarf & hat), I haven't had time to photograph them.

There are no plans for next year's garden because I'm still waiting for us to settle where that might be. I've held off on buying any seeds for the same reason. We've found a house we like and hope to make an offer on it, but nothing is sure. We're trusting God that the right house will work out.

In the meantime, here's a unrelated school quip. My class was talking about maps and someone mentioned a GPS in their car being like a map. I reminded my class that a GPS is only as smart as its user (like a calculator) and that sometimes can send you in the wrong direction. A student added, " Yeah! We were in Florida and my uncle had a GPS and we were driving and it said 'You've arrived at your destiny.' but we really weren't there!!"

I had to laugh and then explain that the GPS usually says "You've arrived at your destination," and that destiny means what your future is going to be or what you'll be growing up to be or who you'll marry. They kids found it odd, but not nearly as funny as I did. If only our GPS would tell us when we've arrived at 'the house of our destiny' :)


Dan said...

Don't even get me started with those GPS things. Take a wrong turn and they send you on a wild goose chase.

Best of luck with the home search. Couldn't be a better time in terms of prices and rates. Although inventory seems to be a bit of an issue now.

Daphne said...

I love them when they send you in the wrong direction :/ But I could use one that will direct me to my destiny. And right now the house of our destiny would be perfect.

miss m said...

A destiny GPS would be cool ! :D
Best of luck on that offer !

Rabia said...

Good luck with the house hunting!

Mrs. Mike said...

Home Offer? I can just see you now.... knitting by the fire, with a healthy layer of mulch over the remaining fall beets....
Here's to God's Divine destiny for your family!