Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tomato Transplants Update

The very good news is that my tomato seedling have finally started to show true leaves. You can read about my problems here. Transplanting, less water, and better light seem to be the solution. Our new lights seem to be really making a difference as the seedlings inside have done better than the ones outside. I've also be giving the ones inside as much light as I can, just shutting them off when I go to bed, and then the timer comes back on at 4 in the morning.

So here is the progress. Last week's photo is on the left, this weeks on the right.
The set that has been inside under the grow lights:

The set that has been outside in the cold frame:

I guess since the seedlings are doing better under the lights, I should bring in the set from the cold frame. Since almost all my seeds sprouted both seeds I planted and I only wanted one of most varieties, I may have enough healthy seedlings to be able to give some away!


Green thumb said...

Hi Emily,thanks for stopping by my blog. Its great to find your blog too. All your flowers in the GBBD post are exotic for my place and they all look gorgeous! Wish I could grow at least one of them! Thanks for sharing.

Ottawa Gardener said...

Looking nice and healthy. I love how fast tomatoes grow!

Dan said...

Nice to see the true leaves I bet. They will be tomato monsters before you know it.

Daphne said...

When I started putting my plants outside they exploded with growth. But then it was warm outside. It is probably a lot cooler up in northern New England.