Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yarn Finds & an Aran Sweater

At the end of last month, I was in a local yarn store and they had decided to clear out their stock of Bartlett wool yarn. She was selling it for $3 a skein instead of $7. So I picked up 6 skeins and decided to make a sweater with it. I couldn't find a pattern I liked so I designed my own aran cabled sweater pattern. I've finished knitting the body up to the arm holes and since I will be using the raglan decreases to add the arms in, I'm in the process of knitting the arms. One arm is done and has been added onto the body and I've just started the second one. Below are photos of the body and the first arm before I joined them together.

Memorial Day Weekend is a big weekend for yard sales in our area. I'd also seen that Green Mountain Spinnery was having a tent sale. So we meandered around this morning to yard sales on our way to Putney. At one yard sale, I bought a bag of yarn in a basket for $5. Here's some of the treasures inside.

The pile of blue above should be enough for a sweater.
This skein below has a tag copyright 1961!

We finally made it to Green Mountain Spinnery. I bought some of their mill tests in neutral colors. These off-white ones I'm going to use for experimenting with dying wool this summer.

The skeins below are a sock weight and will probably end up as either a pair of socks or Christmas ornaments.


Marcia said...

What a pretty sweater! You made some good buys today on yarn, too. Have you made any of those little booties for Elizabeth's and Chris' new one on the way?

Elena said...

I received some blue GMS yarn for Christmas and made it into a Rogue sweater which I still need to photograph for Ravelry. Great yarn!