Thursday, May 7, 2009

Garden Update 5/7

This week's rain and moderate temperatures have allowed the garden to really get growing. It's amazing when compared to last week's pictures. The early-transplanted seedlings have really adjusted and taken off. As you can also see, the weeds have too. I need to get out there and start pulling.
Here's the kale,
arugula, and freckles romaine lettuce.

The radishes are also enjoying all the moisture. I may be able to pick a few soon.
The carrots have begun to get their true leaves. These are my Chantenny Red Cores.
Here is one of my two peas. I need to re-seed again. My broccoli raab have mostly all sprouted and already show signs of starting true leaves.

In the cold frame, the tatsoi(far left) is looking like there's a bit too much moisture. Also some pest has been attacking its leaves. The golden beets (center) and the sesame plants (right) are doing well. I also have yellow chard starting as well as radishes, cosmos, dill and over-wintered onions in the ground.

Inside is another story. I gave my tomatoes a sun-burn last week and they still haven't moved beyond the seed-leaf stage. I read online that this may be caused by over-watering. I'm guilty of that. I'm trying to leave them alone for a while. Luckily a few of the seeds recently sprouted and are looking better. I may loose the first batch of started seeds. Also under the lights are basil, sesame, oregano, thyme, summer savory and two peppers. Last weekend I started cucumbers and zucchini, but no sprouts yet.

Hopefully the rain will abate on Saturday and I can get some more gardening in.


Marcia said...

Looking good up there.

I'm going to pick some spinach tonight to mix into a parmesan macaroni and cheese dish I'm adapting.

DP Nguyen said...

Looks wonderful! My peas are a little bit ahead of where yours are, but I'm excited!

Dan said...

That radish is looking great. I just noticed tonight that my first seeded row is almost ready to harvest and the second seeded row is coming along nicely. Probably time to seed a third row of radishes.

I have weeds coming up too, lots of them, erg.

Kristin said...

I will be curious to see how your broccoli raab turns out! I am in Southern NH and did not have success with it last year when it bolted. My father gave me a great tip though...his friends plant it in late fall so that it overwinters and comes up in the early spring. They are in Zone 4, so I don't know how well they would survive the winter up here, but it might be worth a shot!