Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of School Story

I usually keep work life separate from this blog, but today was the first day of school and I have to share this story.

I teach first grade and after having issues with the misuse of the bathroom in past, I've learned that an important part of introducing students to the classroom is introducing them to the bathroom. So around 9 o'clock this morning I was showing my class the bathroom. I remind them what goes in the toilet, how to use the seat, how much toilet paper to use, and when to flush. Just as I finish saying that this is the toilet, and you sit on the seat etc, a little boy interrupts, "Hey! We have one of those at our house!"

Another voice chimes in, "We have two!"

You never can tell what first graders expect to find in school. They'll probably be surprised to learn that I don't live at school.


June said...

Had to laugh! First graders are a long way from the high-school chemistry-class whizzes who blew up the school toilets when I was a junior.

Thanks for the glimpse into your day. You must be a marvelous teacher.

Ribbit said...

HA! I teach high school and the kids are always freaked out when they see you places like the grocery store. One kid was so excited that I actually went to the movie rental place that I invited him to follow me to the gas station next. He slowly realized how silly he was being.