Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Harvest Totals 9/7/09

Here is a summary of my harvests from the past week. You can see what other gardeners have harvested at Daphne's Dandelions.

My harvests have slowed down now that the large tomatoes are all gone. On Wednesday I pulled the Blue Lake and Romano green beans. There were 3 oz of beans left on the plant. Some of the romano were big enough that we shelled them to braise with artichokes (from the farmers market) later in the week. I also harvested 4 oz of green zebra tomatoes and 9.25 oz of roma tomatoes.
On Thursday I harvested 11 oz of swiss chard, and forgot to photograph it. We used it in a yummy zucchini-greens soup where we substitute it for the spinach in the original recipe.

This weekend I did a fair amount of garden work. I'll update about that later this week. In the process I pulled 3.5 oz of golden beets. These were very sad because I planted them way back in May and they never took off. I also pulled my seedlings of more beets from July because they weren't making any progress either. I'm not sure what I'll do with these tiny beets. I thinned and transplanted my mizuna and in the process harvested 1 oz. And there was 5 oz of cherry tomatoes.
Sunday morning I picked two slicing cucumbers and made a summer salad with the cherry tomatoes, mizuna, cucumbers, feta & basil. We took it on a picnic lunch for our church's baptism service.


Daphne said...

My harvest slowed down a lot too. It is amazing how many pounds you lose when the weather starts getting cold again and the main tomatoes are done. Brrr. I had to wear a jacket this morning to pick my raspberries. At least you are still getting some pretty tomatoes.

Miss M (InfG) said...

Looking good Emily ! I wish I still had some beans to pick, but they're done. I do have a small lot of runner beans coming up. We've had a fabulous week of gorgeous weather, but there's no denying nights are getting cool, and summer's really heading out.
I don't want it to ! lol.

BB said...

I envy you your Romano beans. The one year I planted them I thought they were the most delicious bean ever -- buttery without any butter and meltingly tender. But I've had trouble getting the seedlings to come up and can't find them in the nurseries. Worth trying again next year, tho.