Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Harvest Totals 9/14/09

Here are my harvest photos from this week. You can see what other gardeners have harvested at Daphne's Dandelions.

On Monday we picked 13 oz Lacinato kale. We blanched it and put it into a green enchillada casserole.
On Thursday I picked 14 oz of tomatoes and 1.5 oz of lettuce for tacos.
On Saturday, I picked one cayenne pepper which was almost fully red, and 1/2 oz of lettuce.
On Sunday, we pulled some lettuce (about one oz) and a few carrots that would have been squished as we put the cold frame around the greens.
There is a chance of frost for later this week, so we put the frame on the bed and got it situated. We'll put the windows on another night this week, at least a day before the frost is forecast.
And the smallest crop harvest for the whole year goes to my sesame seeds. I planted these as an experiment, but didn't put them in the raised beds with good soil. Though they had walls of water around them to warm them, they never really took off. Out of 8 plants, only one blossomed. They're described as having multiple flowers similar to snap dragons, but the one that bloomed, had one flower. From that one flower, I got one pod with exactly 13 black sesame seeds. I'll try again but in a place with more sun and better soil.


Daphne said...

Oh the poor lonely sesame seeds. I hope next year it works out better for you. I love your kale. I'm growing it for the first time (though not that variety). I've never eaten kale before and am curious what it tastes like. I suppose I ought to go out soon and pick it to find out.

Michelle said...

I think we all have experiences like your sesame one. This year I tried to grow edamame. Only 6 of the 30+ plants that came up survived the critters and they were so sorry looking that I just pulled them out and made better use of the space they were taking up. Oh well, maybe next year.

Frost already! That will make the kale nice and sweet.

Toni said...

Hi Emily!
Our first frost is usually mid-September... but we're back to warm August weather!

Would love to see a photo of your cold frame when you put it in place. Will it fit right over your bed?

Emily said...


The frame is actually on the bed in the picture above. It is the second layer of wood that then has the cross pieces. The windows hinges will screw in to those cross pieces latter this week.


Dan said...

Oh no, not frost warnings already. We usually don't get a hard frost until Oct here but I have been think I should get my covers out soon just to bump the temps at night. I bet you will have better luck with the sesame plants next year, the north east can't possible have two cool summers in a row right?