Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Snow!

This afternoon our first snow began. It was wet with big flakes.
I went out while it was still light to brush off the cold frame, though it was still snowing.
Here's what is still inside, looking a bit ragged. Please forgive the wet spot on the lens in the photos. Under the right window there is kohlrabi in the back, which has been mangled by the slugs. In the middle is sorrel and there is some arugula at the bottom.
In the middle section, there is winterbor kale at the back, arugula, tatsoi and beets in the middle, and chard and mizuna at the bottom.
Under the left window is more kale, carrots, italian dandelion, mache, and a bit of claytonia. Just outside the cold frame are two swiss chard plants. The snow on them will probably cause the end of them.
And here is my lacinato kale covered with snow.


Dan said...

burr! I'm not ready for snow yet but then I guess I am never ready for snow. I hope it stays at bay a bit longer. Your wintry landscape photo is beautiful.

miss m (InfG) said...

Did you not get a few dustings before today ? Amazing.
It sure is pretty, isn't it ? :)
You can start waxing those skis ! ;)

Emily said...

Somehow we missed the earlier dustings. We got a few flurries but nothing that stuck. I'm hoping we'll have enough to ski soon :)

Marcia said...

The snow came as somewhat of surprise for us further south from you. It was only supposed to cover the grass.