Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Harvest 12/7/09

After the snow on Saturday I decided I should probably harvest some of the carrots before the ground freezes in the cold frame. So out we went Sunday afternoon. We found that though I swept the snow off the cold frame Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, the glass was still covered with ice. We didn't pick the spot for the garden, and the cold frame faces mostly west. With the angle of the sun right now, there wasn't much time for the sun to melt the ice on the glass. I hope things will continue to grow with the limited light.

However, we were able to harvest the largest of the carrots, most being short and stubby, about 4 " or so. I planted these carrots for fall on 6/25.
That was almost 6 months ago!! They were shaded early on by some of the surrounding greens but got more sun as earlier crops finished. We left the smaller ones in the ground. I'm not sure they are going to bulk up any time soon, but maybe come spring?? The total weight of today's harvest was 7 oz. They were so sweet and with no hint of bitterness so we decided to keep them for snacks rather than cook them for dinner.
You can see what other gardeners are harvesting at Daphne's Dandelions.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm fall carrots, I love them. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of success with them in my garden, my soil is too heavy. What varieties are these? How do you like the red/purple one?


Daphne said...

I did the same with my carrots. They will all be eaten fresh. Yours look so colorful. I'm still trying to find a good colorful one that I like. Atomic Red just didn't do it for me. Next year I'm going to try a purple one I think.

Dan said...

My carrots did not grow very large this year either, just not a good year from them I think. Either way yours look great! The purple ones must be the Purple Haze.

Thomas said...

My carrots are averaging about 4 to 5 inches. I seeded mine in mid August but will probably do so earlier next year. I've had freezing temperatures as well. I still have a ton of carrots in the garden...hopefully they will still be ok.

Jan said...

Those carrots look lovely, so colourful and inviting!

June said...

It's a long long time from June to December... These carrots make the short days sweeter! Enjoy!