Monday, December 21, 2009

Harvest Totals 12/21/09

Early last week I took advantage of above freezing temperatures to harvest salad greens from the cold frame. I got a bit wet in the process as there is snow all around the cold frame and I had to get close to reach in to where the greens were. However, it was worth it for the fresh salad we had for dinner that night.

Pictured here clockwise from 12 are 1.5 oz of tatsoi from under the snow, 1 oz of arugula, a few leaves of mache, a few leaves of claytonia, .5 oz of mizuna, 1 oz of swiss chard and .25 oz of beet greens (center).

I also picked two kohlrabi, which together weighed 7 oz.
Together with the carrots from a previous week we had a nice salad from the garden in the middle of December. Since this harvest early last week, the temperatures have not ventured above freezing (even venturing into the below freezing range) so I'm not sure how things are doing. I'll be gone for the holidays but I'm hoping that I'll return to at least one harvest in the New Year!

You can find out what other gardeners are harvesting at Daphne's Dandelions.


Daphne said...

Those are two cute kohlrabi. Some year I'm going to grow them. I thought it was going to be 2010, but it looks like it didn't make the cut this year.

Dan said...

What a great harvest for December, way to go =) Happy Holidays!