Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Harvesting in the Snow

Winter has arrived in full force. I measured 13" of snow this afternoon. We went for a walk in snow shoes and I thought I'd better take a look at the garden while I could still get to it. I found that the Lacinato kale was close to being buried in the snow.

I returned to harvest it. It was the sweetest kale yet and we ate it all tonight. I left a few of the littlest leaves to see if they will continue to grow. Maybe I'll be able to dig some out after our next snow storm. More about the harvest on Monday.

I began to brush snow off the cold frame but then thought better of it as freezing rain was predicted for tonight. It will be a lot easier to get the ice off if it is on top of a foot of snow than if it is directly on the windows. I hope everything in there will be ok for a day or two since I won't be home during daylight tomorrow to go brush it off.


Toni said...

Incredible!!! Love the photos!

Daphne said...

I do the same thing with my car. I wait until the rain is done before brushing the snow off. Otherwise the rain freezes solid to the glass and it takes forever to get off.

I have one kale plant I can see right now. The other was beaten down by the ice and snow. I hope it didn't break.

Sally said...

That's it. I'm definitely growing kale next year. If it can survive under Northern NE snow then I'll have no problem in Boston. Most of what's still living in our community garden is kale.