Monday, February 15, 2010

Cold Frame Update & Harvest

Today the temperature was above freezing so I ventured out before dark to check on the cold frame before the snow hits tomorrow. Things look pretty sad in there. The only plants with signs of life are the tatsoi, winterbor kale, claytonia, and mache. The claytonia and mache are too small to amount to anything as is the tatsoi. They were planted to late.

The kale looks rather shriveled but I picked some anyways. Some seems freeze dried. I also pulled a few carrots. The little ones that were there in the ground didn't do much, but now taste sweet. I had to go get a trowel to dig out the stubby larger ones because the ground was frozen after the first 1/4 inch. Next year I'll did carrots before the ground freezes.

So here is my token harvest for February: 1 oz kale and 2 oz carrots.
You can see other gardener's harvests at Daphne's Dandelions.


Michelle said...

The kale looks so much better in the colander than in the cold frame. How did it taste?

Daphne said...

Well at least the carrots and kale are sweeter after being frozen. I wish my kale would start growing again so I can have more.

Emily said...


The kale was a bit dry, but tasted fine. We threw it into some soup we were having.

Ottawa Gardener said...

Very respectable cold frame harvest. My kale is beginning to emerge from under the snow. Unfortunately, carrots aren't really harvestable from a coldframe or otherwise yet.

Meredith said...

I didn't know carrots taste sweeter after being frozen. What a wonderful little winter harvest!