Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Seeds Started

Spring is on its way. Each day we can feel the sun getting warmer. Our temperatures have been unseasonably warm (above freezing!). Today I cleaned my seed starting trays with a mild bleach solution and started my first seeds.

I started my herbs because I found last year they were not big enough nearly soon enough. I started Rosemary, Oregano, Summer Savory & Sage. I have overwintered two thyme plants , one rosemary and two sages but the aphids are starting to attack those and so I'm hedging my bets by starting new seeds. These overwintered plants have been babied under the seed starting lamp but now they have been relegated to a sunny window so I can start other plants.

I also started three Winterbor and three Lacinato Kale, and six oak leaf lettuce. When we move I want to be able to move the cold frame in the new garden and place these inside.

Finally, I started my hot peppers. Last year I struggled with germination, and it took over a month for one. This year I'm finding a warmer spot and starting a month earlier. I planted 4 Habanero seeds from some peppers my mom gave me this summer. And I seeded 8 peppers from a Burpee Hot Pepper mix.

Here's the list so far:
Summer Savory
Lacinato Kale (3)
Winterbor Kale (3)
Oak Leaf Lettuce (6)
Habanero Peppers (4)
Mixed Hot Peppers (8)


miss m said...

It's been warm here too. Today felt like March and it sure feels good. :)

Good luck with your seeds !

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I am glad for you that the garden is larger than you had thought. What fun to be thinking about summer plants, in February. We love you!

Marcia said...

I was going to try to grow some more of the habanero peppers too. I hope the ones in the mechanical room dried up.
Good luck with the first seeds!

Ottawa Gardener said...

How was your pepper germination? Did the warmer spot help? I tend to pre-sprout mine (paper towel / plastic baggy method) because they are soo slow to get going.

Spring is on the way!

Mrs. Mike said...

So you're the hot pepper lady...