Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So much for an early spring!

For the first time ever, I got a call last night to say that school would be canceled today. It had been lightly snowing all day but started to pick up in the evening and the forecast for today was for a heavy wet snows. Local weatherman called for up to a foot. That sounded nice, we haven't had much snow this winter. When I went out this afternoon to clean off the car, I could hardly see it.
I took out the yardstick and found 21" so far.
When I brushed the snow off the top of the car it seemed to only encase the car in snow.
So had to shovel double the snow all the way around the car. Now I'm ready to drive the car out when the plow comes for the driveway. Luckily I baked bread today including adding a cinnamon sugar swirl to one loaf. So I enjoyed a slice of warm bread when I came in from all that shoveling. Yum!


Mrs. Mike said...

Now that's snow! We haven't had a lick this year!

And enough already on the delicious, hot, butter, sweet, homey, comforting, fresh bread! My girls and I eliminated sugar and flour from our diet for a couple of weeks! You're killin us! But with most sincerity, we hope you enjoy it. It would be impossible not to!

Dan said...

Oh my, I thought the ruler was in centimeters at first. That is a lot of snow. I just posted about snow today too, we had our first big storm on Monday. The bread looks yummy.

miss m said...

Oh, your bread looks lovely, YuM !

We got lots of wet heavy white stuff too, but probably not 21 inches ... whew !

NoviceLife said...

Yum - looks delicious!

Daphne said...

Wow you got a lot of snow. We are getting hit too, but with a massive rain storm. It should turn to a wet yucky mix by tomorrow. I can't wait for spring.

Emily said...

This second storm is giving us rain too. On top of the snow that makes everything a mess. School was canceled again today probably because the dirt roads are a soupy muddy mess.

Kalena Michele said...

What is it about blankets of snow and warm sweet bread that just put me in a comforting mood? Wonderful!