Monday, August 16, 2010

Harvest Monday 8/16/10

This week I harvested my first and only eggplant. The plants are just starting to bloom again.
The zucchini and cucumbers slowed down as the dry weather has hit and they have some downy mildew as well. Only 2.6 pounds of zucchini this week and just over a pound of cucumbers.
I dug the rest of my All Blue potatoes ( 5lbs 4 oz) and some Yukon gold as well (2 lbs 5 oz). The rest of the Yukon gold will stay in the ground until we need them or later this fall.
The cherry tomatoes continue to increase in production with almost 3 pounds of them this week. I made fresh salsa with some of them and the tomatillos (3 oz). I also got my first red zebra tomato, which isn't any larger than the cherry tomatoes. It also had blossom end rot at the bottom. :(
We enjoyed some nice large carrots. They were short but thick,and very good.
Here is arugula, slicing cucumbers, carrots, basil, tomatillos and cherry tomatoes.
I picked over a pound of chard, some leeks, dragon tongue and romano beans, a green zebra tomato, zucchini, tomatillos, and cherry tomatoes.
Total this week: 19.36 pounds
Total this year: 116.75 pounds

You can see other gardeners' harvests at Daphne's Dandelions.


debiclegg said...

Your harvest looks so good. How do the zebra tomatoes taste? I wish I could grow carrots and zucchini!!

meemsnyc said...

What an awesome looking harvest! Our eggplants are taking their time too!

Daphne said...

Beautiful harvest. I love the variety too. I am getting things other than tomatoes, but it seems like all I'm getting is the tomatoes.

Nourishing Words said...

I only had two eggplants, one on each of two plants. I have a tiny baby one now, and a bunch of flowers. I'm still feeding and watering, hoping there's time left (in New Hampshire) for more, but I'm a little worried. Any tips?

By the way, if it's powdery mildew you have (not downy), try spraying with a 50/50 milk solution. It's working for me!

thyme2garden said...

Love the look of your curly cue eggplant! The rest of your harvest looks fantastic, especially all your potatoes.que Looks like you'll have lots of fresh vegetables to enjoy with you meals this week!

kitsapFG said...

At this point in the season most of us are kind of secretly happy when the zucchini slows down or stops producing! Lovely harvests this week.

Ottawa Gardener said...

My cukes were hit with foliar disease too so the harvest stopped though it seems the plant is recovering and producing more female flowers so fingers crossed.

As for eggplants, is it hot where you are? I find they need lots of food - maybe compost tea foliar spray - lots of heat and can't be left to dry out too much. Before this year, my eggplants produced continously in the summer but this year I noticed two harvests - early and now more flowers again. It is a different variety than I normally grow.

Emily said...

debbiclegg, green zebras are a bit citrus like in favor.

Nourshing words, yes, powdery mildew, not downy :) I did try a milk/water solution but haven't kept it up. Need to re-apply. Unfortuntley we don't get sun until later in the morning so the dew sits on the leaves for a while. The zucchini seem to be hit the hardest (oh well). Cucumbers are still producing slowly, but I want to watch out for my squash and my melons which are just setting fruit.

Ottawa gardener, I think my eggplants lost their blossoms with the high heat we had in July. They are coming round with a second flush of flowers now. I'm hoping for more.