Saturday, August 14, 2010

Winter Squash Update

I've decided that I planted some of my winter squash too close together. They're running over into other beds and the paths, though they may do that even if I space them out more.

In one bed I have my buttercup squash with at least 6 fruit set.
In the same bed, I have two butternut squash hills and I've seen at least 4 butternut squash.There are also two hills of delicata. They have been shaded out a bit by the other vines. There are at least three squash set, though this one is the only one this far along.
I did better spacing the plants in the pumpkin bed. Even still, the vines want to take over other parts of the garden. I have about 5 pie pumpkins set.And last but not least, I have one large Jarrahdale pumpkin set. It is so beautiful I'm hoping others will set and mature too.
We're looking forward to enjoying lots of squash this fall and winter.


meemsnyc said...

Wow, all your squash looks great!

Nourishing Words said...

You're squash looks amazing. Mine suffered first from squash vine borers, and now from powdery mildew. I also didn't get great pollination. Even so, I'll get a few good ones, and try again next year!

miss m said...
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miss m said...

Nice collection ! My jarrahdale didn't germinate. Glad to see yours did. It's gonna be a beaut !

Kalena Michele said...

Those are coming in very nicely! I'm going to have to start some pumpkins next week. Got most of the beds cleared out so I have plenty of space.

Matron said...

Wonderful squash and pumpkins. Delicata is my favourite Winter squash but I don't find they are prolific at all. Just one per whole plant, they are mainly male flowers!