Monday, August 23, 2010

Harvest Monday 8/23/10

This week was the first week of large tomatoes. Just a few ripened but more are on their way. I enjoyed my first BLT sandwich for a late breakfast on Saturday morning with a large pink heirloom tomato. It was delicious. We also enjoyed the purple calabash tomatoes that ripened. All together we picked 1.8 pounds of large tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes continue to be prolific, even after they took a beating when the support fell. I harvested over four pounds of them this week. They were used in salads, as the basis for a sauce and any way I could find. The tomatillos are ripening faster. I have a bowlful filling up on the counter that I should make some fresh salsa with. The fruit themselves are tiny so there is not enough to can. This week I harvested 6.5 oz of them.
This week the harvest is less, mostly because we didn't pick as much. There are beets and beans out there, but we didn't need them for any recipes, so I didn't pick them. We picked just 2.5 oz for carrots for a soup one night. I picked zucchini, cucumbers, tomatillos, and tomatoes as they ripened, but other things stayed where they were unless they were needed. There also weren't any big harvests like potatoes or onions.
In this harvest photo from Thursday you can see a pound of Swiss chard, golden zucchini, cucumbers, tomatillos, purple calabash tomatoes, green zebra tomato, and cherry tomatoes.
Total this week: 10.38 pounds
Total this year: 127.5 pounds

You can see other gardeners' harvests at Daphne's Dandelions.


Marcia said...

The last photo is one you should consider for your walls.

The purple tomatoes are a funny shape.

michelle said...

Mmm, a BLT sounds so good, I need to have one for lunch today! The purple calabash tomato is very pretty with all its ruffles.

Daphne said...

I agree the last photo is really beautiful. I always love a basket full of a varied harvest. Nothing is prettier.

Robin said...

I agree...that's one beautiful photo!! I think that a BLT sounds great for breakfast!!

kitsapFG said...

Those full size tomatoes were certainly worth the long wait! Beautiful!

Like everyone else - I think that harvest bounty basket in the last photo is very appealing.

Dan said...

I had the first large tomatoes this week too. Can't figure out how it took so long with all the hot weather. Your harvest look excellent, love the last photo.

vrtlarica said...

Congratulations on first big tomatoes! Hopefully they will be producing now for a month or more?
You have a lovely harvest, the chard looks especialy pretty!

Matron said...

Those big beefsteak tomatoes are well worth waiting for. I hope you enjoy eating it. I have mine sliced in thick slices with the best olive oyl, fresh basil, ground black pepper and salt. Bon appetite!

Dirt Lover said...

Love the last picture of colorful produce. I think next year, instead of crookneck, I'm going to switch to the golden zucchini. It's so pretty, which gives it such a nice color in whatever it goes into. And chard! I'm in love with it!