Monday, September 13, 2010

Harvest Monday 9/13/10

The tomatoes are still coming this week with over 29 pounds of slicing tomatoes. I made another batch of Annie's Salsa this week and plant to make tomato sauce next week.
I also harvested more arugula, carrots, dried beans, leeks, chard, tomatillios and the first winter squash( a buttercup).
The large pile of dried beans have not yet made it in to my totals because I weigh them after I shuck them. The forecast calls for rain tomorrow so I figured I should pick them while they are semi dry.

Total this week: 36.12 pounds
Total this year: 239.2 pounds

You can see what other gardeners harvested this week at Daphne's Dandelions.


Shawn Ann said...

Everything looks so good, but those they are nice and thick!

miss m said...

Gee, my leeks would've been ready by now had they not succomb to leek moth again this year. I'm envious ! :)
That's an impressive tomato haul. Great harvest !

This is my first year growing dried beans. I though I'd let them dry on the vines. I notice some ppl pick them early, others late. I see you don't want your semi dry beans to get wet. What is customary ?

Emily said...

Miss M,

It is my first year with dried beans too. I noticed that some that are on the underside of the bushes had white mold on the pods, and that was affecting the beans. That's why I picked them before the rain. I figured it would only get worse.

thyme2garden said...

It's very impressive, the way your tomatoes keep coming in! I agree with Shawn Ann, those carrots sized up really nicely for you. How long did they grow in the ground?

Emily said...

They were my first planting of carrots, back in May! I think they were a little finger variety that is supposed to be short but thick.

kitsapFG said...

I am totally jealous of that great tomato harvest! What a bounty you are enjoying. :D I have a big patch of dark red kidney beans that I am starting to worry will not finish maturing/drying down before the fall rains arrive. Keeping my fingers crossed.

mac said...

Nice harvest, I like the varieties of tomatoes you have.
I have the hardest time with carrots, they don't size up like yours, they are always skinny and never fatten up.

Daphne said...

That is when I pick my dried beans too. I listen to the forecast and pick before it rains. So far this year has been pretty easy since there hasn't been a lot of rain. Beautiful harvest.

Thomas said...

Awesome harvest, Emily! How did you like the taste of those purple carrots? I find them to be too sharp/spicy for my taste.