Monday, September 6, 2010

Harvest Monday 9/6/10

This was the week of the tomatoes. Here's Tuesday's harvest. I've started picking some of the Amish Paste as soon as they get color because the slugs are getting to the low hanging fruit.
On Wednesday, I picked over 6 pounds of chard to blanch and freeze. It was a big pile but it cooked down to about 3 quarts once it was blanched. I also harvested over one pound of pineapple tomatillos because some of the plants fell over and rather than tie them up, I just cut off the plants. I didn't weigh the green ones because I'm not sure if they are going to ripen. I picked the ones that felt plump off the plants I cut down.
Thursday was even more tomatoes which allowed me to take my tomato photos. I harvested 32 pounds of tomatoes this week. This week I got enough tomatoes to make a double batch of Annie's Salsa. It made 11 jars. Mmmmm it is good. It looks like it will continue into next week at and I'll have enough to make some more salsa and even some sauce.

On Friday I picked some nice large beets, over 2 pounds. They'd been forgotten for a while and sure have grown in size. Not all the ones out there are this large though. I also picked some shelling beans, and of course, more tomatoes. I ended up with two photos because I didn't pick enough beets for the recipe the first time ;)
Saturday's harvest has some arugula hiding at the bottom, with a few cucumbers, and tomatoes.The hot peppers went into my salsa.
Sunday brought more tomatoes and some dried beans, both black and scarlet runner. The light brown are from the dragon tongue beans.
The weather has turned this weekend and it feels like Fall. I'm tempted to go out and pick some winter squash. However, the season in my garden is still summer for just a few more weeks. The peppers are finally setting more and more. The eggplants are blooming again and setting also. The tomatoes will bear heavily this next week too. We have just a few weeks until our first frost date. Winter squash will have to wait their turn.

Total this week: 47.08 pounds
Total this year: 203.12 pounds (Yay! I crossed the 200 lb mark!)

You can see what other gardeners harvested this week at Daphne's Dandelions.


johanna said...

chard and beets look great!

thyme2garden said...

It may feel like fall already, but your garden is still so bountiful and summery! All those tomatoes are gorgeous. If I had your tomato luck, I would totally make salsa with my hot peppers, too, but unfortunately, all I have are peppers. :-)

Daphne said...

Oh don't even say the word "frost". I don't want to think about it yet. Your harvests are beautiful.

kitsapFG said...

What a great harvest week! The swiss chard and tomatoes in particular look very appetizing.

villager said...

You've got some great looking harvests there, nice and colorful and such a variety. That's a lot of chard!

miss m said...

Summer sure flew by ! After that unexpected late August heat wave, the weather is turning here too, so are the leaves ! I miss my beets and hope the fall crops size up soon !

Great harvest !

miss m said...

ps. Oh and congrats on reaching 200 !

Dan said...

All the tomatoes are beautiful!

michelle said...

It's tomatoes galore this Harvest Monday! Yours look great and all your other yummy veggies too.

vrtlarica said...

6 pounds of chard is a lot of chard! I usually just freeze it without blanching.
Your tomatoes are very productive. I hope the frost will stay away from your garden for a few more weeks so you can get a few more peppers.

TheHealthyApron said...

Wow! I am so impressed and JEALOUS of your harvest! Looks like you made out weel!