Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September Garden Overview

A reader reminded me that I hadn't shown what the garden looks like in a while. When I look at this photo I see the cucumber vines on the trellis that I should have pulled weeks ago and the poor melon vines that got downy mildew and I didn't do anything about in the same row I need to get some cover crop seed this week and pull the dead plants and seed to protect the soil from erosion and weeds.

I do seem some good here too. I do see the cold frame filling out with greens, and the Brussels Sprouts looking good. The peppers and eggplants are still lush. You can't see them, but my fall peas have sprouted along with radishes. The pumpkin vines resisted the downy mildew and have spread into the grass as the pumpkins ripen.

Hiding in the back are my tomatoes. The ones that fell in August and were tied back up are suffering from leaf spot and dying back but the tomatoes continue to ripen. The frame is crooked and rigged to stay up until the end of the season. Next year we'll need a stronger frame.

So are beautiful and ugly parts to the garden right now. There is work to be done and I hope I get to it. And the garden continues to produce.


villager said...

I think everyone's garden starts to look a little tired by this time of year - I know mine does. Sounds like you still have lots of good things going on. And your garden is still producing, which is GREAT!

Sandy said...

Oh, our gardens look very similar at this point. We had a nice, rare, sunny day here in Seattle yesterday so I went out and did a good garden tidy. It looks a little better. Hopefully I'll get my garlic in the ground tomorrow.