Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jarrahdale Pumpkin

This is one of my Jarrahdale pumpkins that has been in a cool upstairs room since I harvested it last fall. The photo above is what it looked like when we harvested it. We enjoyed one of these large pumpkins then, but two other went into this cool room. A third smaller one sat on our coffee table as decoration until December. The two that were in the cool room have begun to turn peach in color, while the one that was downstairs in warmer temperatures is still green. Here is the peach color that two of them have turned now.
This week I cut into one of the peach colored Jarrahdales. Inside the flesh was the same beautiful orange with the small cavity and large seeds. I roasted half of it face down and made puree. The puree became pumpkin gnocchi. I'll also use some to make pumpkin bread or muffins. The other half, I cubed and roasted and froze for using later in soups or risottos.
The Jarradale does provide a lot of pumpkin at once. It is a good substitute for butternut squash, some even say it is a winter squash. It will be a few months before we cut into another. I've read they can be a long keeper and I wonder how long they will last. We'll be growing these again next year.


Robin said...

I used this variety of pumpkin in 2009 to make pumkin jam and it was wonderful!

It's such a pretty pumpkin too!

KatieLovesDogs said...

What gorgeous pumpkins!

I like Georgia candy roasters, too.

Kalena Michele said...

This looks awesome. I've been wanting to try a pumpkin pie recipe from a pumpkin I grew myself, but I haven't successfully grown one myself. Where did you get the seeds from?

Emily said...

Kalena Michele,

Another blogger shared the seeds with me last season, but Johnnys sells them as does Botanical Interests. One of these would make quite a few pies. I've made pies from the smaller pie pumpkins and one of those makes 2 pies usually. This might make 4 or more.

Marcia said...

That's one beautiful pumpkin. No photos of the gnocchi?