Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

Though I'm no longer teaching, I still get a thrill from a snow day. This morning I watched the birds fight at the feeder for the prime spots. The evening grosbeaks were there first.
But later, a large hairy woodpecker came and kept others at bay with its long beak. I watched the snow drift build up at the back door. Here it is around 11 am. And later in the afternoon. The layers are so even and interesting.
It's hard to know how much snow we got. I measured a range of 12 to 18" depending on the spot. The wind was moving so much of it around. It shaped the snow on my car to make it look like a Prius.

I did snow day things like bake pumpkin bread, and I finished my Christmas tree skirt. It was done except the binding before Christmas and since we've returned I've been working on the binding so I can put it away finished for next year. And of course I shoveled snow. I need to make sure there was a parking space for Matt when he came home. I left the snow drift at the back door for him to shovel, so photos of the garden in its deep blanket of snow will have to wait until tomorrow.


Jenny B said...

Those drift-y snow pictures are really cool! Our glass back door doesn't get snowy like that because of the overhang that shelters it.

Marcia said...

Sounds like the house was nice and snug during the storm. The tree skirt came out really nice. You'll enjoy that for many years to come.

Robin said...

What beautiful pictures of the snow! We were supposed to get a big snow...but, only got about 3-4"

Craig Rockfield said...

Hey those textures are amazing, thanks for sharing them. I did a few snaps during the frost a while back on my blog when I scraped a layer of frost off the glass to behold an intricate network of patterns beneath, I love all that kind of stuff :D

Thanks for sharing Emily.