Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ice Storm Details

Here are some detail shots from Friday's ice storm. The red crab apples were especially stunning encased in ice against the blue sky. The goldenrod seed head drips with ice.
The sun's power quickly begins to melt the ice. Now the ice dangles below the branch it encased and reflects the blue skies.


Dan said...

Some more wonderful photos!

I hope everything is well. I have seen some of the ice storm damage on the news and some places really got hammered.

Emily said...

We are doing fine, but many of my co-workers and students lost power. Some are still without. It's amazing the number of trees that came down between the ice and wind and the ground not being frozen.

Jenny said...

Gorgeous photos. I posted a few on my blog too. You chose crab apples & I chose asparagus berries against the snow. We must be near each other ~ looks the same here. Don't know how I happened on your blog but it's one I will definately be checking on in the future. Stay warm!