Friday, December 12, 2008

Ice Storm Landscapes

Last night, into this morning we had an ice storm. I wish it had come as snow, because I want to get out and start the cross country ski season. Instead it came as rain, freezing rain, and sleet. It was enough to cancel school for today. Around noon, the skies cleared and the sun broke out. Suddenly I could hear the ice falling and dripping. I rushed out with the camera to capture some of the splendor of the landscape and the trees as everything was coated with ice. Here are a few of the landscape shots. Keep in mind, this is all ice on the ground, not snow.Here are some milkweed seed pods, glistening with the ice.


Dan said...

Nice photo's, it is almost surreal to see the icy landscape with such a beautiful sky. Great Capture!

We have not had any ice storms yet this year. It is a beautiful event as long as it is not thick enough to start taking out the power lines.

Marcia said...

I was hoping for a snow day on Friday but it was not to be. Hope you had a productive and relaxing one.