Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

The warm weather and some strategic shoveling vanquished the snow bank next to the house. We found these crocuses under the pile this week, reminding us that green things will return soon.

Also our shoveling last weekend payed off, as we now have almost completely clear beds and the soil is starting to thaw. Earlier in the week I couldn't even extract the frozen plant labels, but now I was able to pull out a few. I'm sure it is still frozen a few inches down.
We discovered a carrot or two that survived the winter as well. I doubt there is much of a root, but we'll see if they will take off this spring.
Soon I'll have to get outside and rid the garden of last year's remains, as well as pick off all the rocks that rose to the surface in the course of the freezing and thawing this winter.


abhishek said...

Hi Emily,
It is wonderful to see and read new beginning of life under the earth in such a loving way.

Dan said...

Looks like you will be out planting peas, cole crops and greens in no time.