Friday, March 27, 2009

Sowing Seeds 3/27

Tomorrow's going to be a busy day of errands so I did my weekend seed sowing tonight. I started:

4 Pot of Gold Yellow Swiss Chard (a new variety for me)
8 Bright Lights Swiss Chard
10 Golden Beets (I'm really excited about these)

and 4 mystery peppers.

I bought a pack of peppers that supposedly has Jalapeno, Anaheim, Ancho, Long Slim Red Cayanne, and Hungarian Wax. Earlier this month I tried to tell the difference between the seeds but couldn't divide them into five groups. So today I started four seeds that look different to me and labeled each cell by number. #1 is a darker seed, #2 is an orange tinted seed, #3 is a larger white seed, and #4 is a smaller white seed. I only planned for two peppers in my garden, but with a seed pack with 5 varieties I felt I had to plant more than just two. So I guess I'll find spots for them somehow.

I'm taking the lead from Annie's Granny, and I am putting the pepper seeds on a heating pad. I was thinking of putting them in t
he cooler to create a warm surrounding insulation, but came across our insulated tote for casseroles in the closet first. So they are snug in there. I'll have to check on them daily to see if they sprout.

Also I recently seeded some things for my mom's garden. Last Sunday night I put in two oak leaf lettuce, two arugula, two freckles lettuce, and two pot of gold yellow chard. The arugula has been germinating quickly in just three days and at a 100 % rate. I'm especially impressed because the seed dates back to 2005. The other lettuces soon followed, and one of the chards appeared today, five days later.
She and my dad are visiting next weekend and will take the seedlings home with them to finish growing and put in her new garden boxes.


Dan said...

I should start my chard this weekend as well. I'm growing anaheim & ancho peppers this year. The anaheim's germinated in 4 days and the ancho's are just starting germinate after 15 days. Hang in there as it seems some of them take ages to germinate. That is pretty impressive that you had 2005 lettuce seed germinate so well. You must be a good seed keeper.

Marcia said...

I'm happy to hear what you germinated for me has done well.

See you soon.