Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Seedling Update

Today the seedlings ventured out on to the warm step to soak up the 60 degree temperatures and the sun.

Here's the kale and my one cilantro seedling. I've re-seeded these, but still no sign of more cilantro.
My freckles lettuce is getting its second set of leaves.
The spinach has it's first set of true leaves.
Here are the seedlings I started for my mom on Sunday.
Out in the garden, the soil has thawed down 4 to 6 inches. Some of the garlic is just beginning to sprout out of the ground. Matt helped me dig up the brussels sprout stalks and we cleared out those that survived the winter because they were looking pretty sad after the cold nights we've had since the snow melted. I was tempted to transplant the kale into the garden, however the forecast for the next week is mostly rain. I wasn't expecting to transplant anything out until mid-April so I'll wait until then.

1 comment:

Dan said...

We had very nice weather today as well. I planted spinach & radishes out in the soil and some mixed lettuce under a plastic cover.

Your kale & seedlings look great. You will be harvesting greens in no time.