Thursday, April 30, 2009

Garden 4/30/09

The warm spell helped some things in the garden really get going. The arugula and lettuce seem to have recovered from transplanting too early.

Carrots seed on 4/11 sprouted on 4/25. The seeds got dispersed a bit erratically by the rain. I'll have to do some thinning later on.
The radishes have taken off in the heat. It also helped my second sowing of them sprout in 5 days.

The garlic is taking off as well.
Cooler temperatures are in store for the rest of this week, but the row cover should keep everything protected.


Marcia said...

The plants you gave me are the same size as yours in my garden now. I going to put the tomatoes in on Saturday.

Dan said...

I had a radish row go side ways on me from all the rain. I dug them up and planted them straight again.

Speaking of carrots I need to plant some tomorrow.

DP Nguyen said...

The radish plant looks great.

I had no idea what garlic looks like. I've planted some already in my garden. I'm very excited.