Saturday, August 22, 2009

Almost There!

I keep having to squeeze these green zebras to see if they are ripe. The stripes have darkened but so far they are remaining firm. This plant has been my most prolific besides the cherry tomato. It has at least two other sprays of fruit and has continued to set more.
My mystery heirlooms look to be a pink or light red tomato and the one in the middle is almost ready to pick, it is getting nice and soft.
My yellow brandywines are hanging in there despite the cracking of the fruit that occurred early on and the early blight affecting the leaves. From the other side they don't look pretty. I'll definitely be trimming out some bad spots but I know they'll taste good anyways. The smaller one on the left is almost ready to pick too.


Marcia said...

Lovely tomatoes!

Miss M (InfG) said...

Oh ! They're lovely. I'm so envious.
You saw mine, not ready yet.

The yellow brandywine is awesome. Must get that next year.

Anonymous said...

Do the green zebra tomatoes ever get red or even pink? My mouth waters just looking at your pictures of your tomatoes. Have I told you lately that I love having you be our daughter-in-law?

Dan said...

Someone was telling me the green zebras are really good grilled. I think I am going to give them a try next year.