Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer Knitting

The cool rainy weather we had for most of the summer meant that I was happy to continue to work on knitting projects. Here are a few I finished this summer.

I made quite a few baby gifts for friends and relatives. I made two baby sweaters for friends. The one on the left is a Debbie Bliss Pattern. The one on the right is a heavily modified pattern from Knitting Daily called Cabled Ragland Baby Sweater
. I had to change the stitch counts because I used a heavier weight yarn. I also didn't care for the cable in the original pattern so I used a lace pattern from one of my sock books.

Here is a detail of the lace. I'm very happy with the modifications and will probably make another.
I also knit some magic slippers and baby socks of my own design for baby gifts.

A sweater for myself. It is a popular pattern on Ravelry called the February Lady Sweater. I wanted it to be a spring/fall weight so I made it with a cotton blend. I'm very happy with it and I've already worn it a couple times this summer.
Now that the weather is hot, my only knitting project is a pair of socks to keep my hands busy at church. Instead I'm currently working on two quilts for upcoming weddings. Pictures of those will have to wait until after the events happen this fall.


Elena said...

I had my eye on that KD baby sweater too. What were your stitch modifications? I have some alpaca I might try it in.

Rabia said...

So sweet!

Miss M (InfG) said...

Adorable ! and so well executed. Excellent work.

I don't knit but I do sew. Looking forward to seeing those quilts.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful baby things! You have a real gift for creative design in your handwork. I hope that you are recuperating well. Love you!