Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blueberries & Pickles

Last Thursday I picked 13 lbs of blueberries at a local farm. I canned 3 quarts and 9 1/2 pints. We also enjoyed two blueberry cobblers over the next week (my husband and I have different family traditions about cobbler :) and a blueberry pie.

On my way to pick the blueberries I stopped in a local quilt store for some thread. The owner was giving away zucchini and pickling cucumbers so I took 3 1/2 lbs from her and used them to make bread & butter pickles. One cucumber from my garden made it into the batch. I need a much bigger garden if I'm going to put up my own pickles in the future. I made 6 pints of bread and butter pickles. My Blue Lake beans made one pint jar of dilly beans.

This week I made some more pickles. With over two pounds of cucumbers from the farmers market and over three pounds of green beans from a farm stand, I made 7 more pints of dilly beans,
and 5 more pints of bread & butter pickles.


Marcia said...

Wow! Looking forward to tasting all of that. I think the B nB pickles are my favorite, with dilly beans a close 2nd.

debilewis said...

Oh, yumm. . Love those dilly beans. But I bet the bread and butter pickles are great too. The mention of blueberry cobbler makes my mouth water for some. Love you!

selina said...

yum! i'm a dilly bean fanatic.

Dan said...

The pie looks excellent and the canning too.