Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yard Sale Find (More Jars)

Last Saturday we drove around to yard sales. At one, I found a large box of jars for $2. That was a deal I couldn't pass up.The box included 15 quart jars, 22 pint jars, and 6 wire closure jars (2 qt, 4 pint). Here is the spread of the regular quart and pint jars after being washed. I haven't washed the wire closure jars. I learned that its best to wash one or two at a time so that you can make sure to put the wire closure and glass lids back with the right jar.
There were a few interesting jars among the bunch. One is a larger quilted jar, another is an extra large wide mouth jar.
Two quart jars are square and are labeled as Canadian Ball Jars, with French on one side. I think the square shape is nice because they fit closer together on the shelf.


Dan said...

That is a steal for all those jars! I have only had to get one more box so far this year. Maybe more once I get pickles & relish cooking. We have a few of those square jars, I particularly like the wide mouth ones.

Toni said...

Yeah!!! Great find! I love the older jars!

June said...

What a treasure you found! This time of year I'm always scrambling for more and more and more jars. (Then I'm scrambling to find room for them all!)