Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Quilt

One of my cousins is having her first child this May. She hasn't found out if they are having a boy or a girl. She's always loved frogs so when I found this fabric with baby frogs, ducks, & turtles it seemed perfect.

Its a four-patch pattern. The original pattern had you set two patterned square with two white squares. I modified the pattern to have the green stand in for the white. I used the larger patterned fabrics for the four patches. I quilted it on the machine in diagonal lines.
I used the white background fabric with smaller baby animals for the border and backing. The finished quilt is 51" x 37"
I had left over fabric so I decided to make a baby blankie size. The blankie is 23" x 33". I switched the white and green fabrics.
I think that the larger version looks better, but they make a good pair.


kiwi gomes said...

Gidday Emily! Your quilt is beautiful! Definately a treasure to keep! I had made my son a Bob the Builder crib set with woolen quilt - and have kept that for him. Who knows, maybe he'll get the opportunity to use it when he has his own family!

I'm new to your blog and looking forward to reading of your adventures!!! Take care ... Kiwi

Hannah said...

oh she'll just love it! it's beautiful!

Mrs. Mike said...

Where have I been, Emily? You have all sorts of things going on!

Hope all has gone well in the preparations for and moving of the household.

The quilt is charming! Your creativity is always a treat to see!