Monday, March 1, 2010

Seed Starting

Update to the Seed Starting List

Chocolate Cherry Tomato (2) from Daphne
Red Zebra Tomato (2) saved 2008 from a store bought heirloom
Green Zebra Tomato (2) saved 2009
Sweet Chelsea Cherry Tomato (2) 2009 Fedco

My hope is that by starting my earliest tomatoes, I may get some fruit before mid-August.

Arugula (14) 2009 Peaceful Valley
Tatsoi (14)
2009 Peaceful Valley
Swiss Chard (10) 2009 saved (Bright Lights Chard, but the plant I saved them from was red so I'm curious to see whether they turn out more than one color or not)
Spinach (14) 2008
Cubanelle Sweet Peppers (4) from Mom

I got seeds in the mail from my mom so I needed to start the Cubanelle Peppers. We are just under a month from our closing date on a new house and when we drove by the house today they had less snow then we do. So I sowed some hardy greens in hope that we might be able to move the cold frame and transplant them into the ground in early April. We may have to dig the cold frame out of the snow here to make that happen.

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Hannah said...

oh boy! starting seeds, and the excitement of a new home! you have so many happy things right now! how fun!

Emily, I'd love your email address...I would like to email you more about our family! I think that this connection is so amazing!
This Lewis and Clarke family IS without a doubt the same family history! I think I even have a photo of the two brothers and sisters that started it all, and I'd love to share the history with you!
Email me :