Friday, March 19, 2010

New Seeds!

New seeds came in the mail this week and the week before last. Thanks to the generosity of Miss M at Dirt Happy, I now have more seeds to try in my new garden.
She sent:

Dragon Tongue Beans
Small Sugar Pie Pumpkin
Jarrahdale Pumpkin
Red Acre Cabbage
Broccoli Ramoso
Purple Calabash Tomato
Sweet Chocolate Pepper
Long Purple Eggplant
Iroquois Melon
Minnesota Midget Melon
Winter Savory (Perennial Herb)

I'm very excited that I'll have room in the garden for melons, pumpkins, and winter squash and I'm glad to try out these varieties.

Thanks Miss M!


miss m said...

The pleasure was all mine, Emily ! Hope they do well. :)

Daphne said...

I hope they do well too. Dragon Tongue beans always look so pretty. I might grow them some year just for their beauty.