Saturday, March 6, 2010


I'm pleased to say that I've had more success with getting the peppers to sprout this year. I put them in a warm spot next to a radiator. I also kept them very moist and was more patient. I seeded them on 2/21 and some of my hot pepper mix and my habaneros have sprouted in the last few days. Here is one of the hot peppers.
I also have my first tomato seedlings. The Sweet Chelsea Cherry tomatoes have sprouted, followed by a Green Zebra. Hopefully others will follow soon.
I also have sprouts up from my arugula, tatsoi, and swiss chard. No sign of the spinach. I've had poor luck with seeding spinach both inside and out. Here is arugula on the left and tatsoi on the right.
I'm also glad to see that all my herbs have sprouted, including my rosemary which has a very poor germination rate. I have a plant wintered over but I'm seeding another as insurance.
My kale is doing well, showing its second leaves, but the first set of lettuce is not. Many of the sprouts wilted. I may have one or two that will pull through. Here is my kale.
It is probably time to start some more seeds!


Marcia said...

Did the cubanelles sprout?

I thought about starting some today but maybe its still too soon. What do you think?

Mrs. Mike said...

Seeing those little green sprouts makes a gardeners heart skip a beat, doesn't it?

Dan said...

They all look great. Spring is just around the corner now!

Daphne said...

Oh they are so cute right now.

Ottawa Gardener said...

Why hello little babies!

Sally said...

Your seedlings look great. I'm planning to start some seeds tomorrow.

mangocheeks said...

Oh what a lovely feeling.